A one-stop shop

From conception to completion

Our goal at ACL is to be a one-stop-shop for all your construction needs. We partner with real estate and finance professionals to help with land development, and our in-house designers can create 3D renderings to conceptualize the perfect space for your business.

With your input and the support of our most reliable and inventive engineers and architects, we can break ground and construct any space for any purpose.

Contractors shaking hands with project owners on site

I would not hesitate for a second in recommending Burke, Shaun, and ACL to you professionally for your
Prime Contracting needs.

– Kev Kaechele, Sr. Project Manager, RCMP
A steel building system erected on a fresh construction site
  • Industrial

  • Commercial

  • Multi-use spaces

Our building process

It starts with a vision. You see a problem that needs solving or a need that needs fulfilling, and all sorts of ideas come to mind.

Maybe your business is evolving, and your space needs a renovation, or you imagine a new facility or multi-use space that will benefit your community. Regardless, it’s never too early to start talking with a construction partner and conceptualizing your vision.

Exterior of the Broadmoor Golf Club in Sherwood Park, AB. Commercial renovation.

Phase 1

The Vision | Learn More

The Vision

You have your idea for a new building or renovation and then what?

  • Meet with us
  • Consult with our finance specialists
  • Walkthrough the client onboarding process
  • Engage with our real estate experts
  • Apply for permits

Phase 2

Planning & Design | Learn More

Planning & Design

The planning phase is a collaborative process between your team and ours. It involves:

  • Consulting our architects & engineers
  • Creating blueprints & schematics
  • Completing & approving 3D-renderings
  • Establishing costs
  • Outlining the project schedule
  • Creating the contractor agreement
  • Planning approvals & milestones
Closeup of a door installed in a design-build project
Exterior of the Public Works Building in Calmar, AB. Design-build project.

Phase 3

Start the Build | Learn More

Start the build

We move the project off the planning paper and onto the ground. This phase involves:

  • Breaking ground
  • Communicating regularly for approvals
  • Providing updates at the established milestone points
  • Managing & solving any potential issues

Phase 4

Finalize the build | Learn More

Finalize the build

Project finalization happens as construction comes to a close. At this point, you’ll have a fully realized building or renovation. This phase includes:

  • Project closure
  • Final client walkthroughs
  • Client review
Exterior of the Northern Co-Op in St. Albert, AB. Commercial renovation project.
Closeup of architectural walls during a commercial renovation

Phase 5

Get Back to Business | Learn More

Get back to business

This phase is all about getting back up and running to business as usual. The focuses in this phase include:

  • Moving in
  • Building commissioning
  • Building systems training (if applicable)
  • Warranty review

Let’s make your vision a reality.

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