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Want to know exactly how we get our projects on the ground?

It starts with a vision. You see a problem that needs solving or a need that needs fulfilling, and all sorts of ideas come to mind.

Maybe your business is evolving, and your space needs a renovation, or you imagine a new facility or multi-use space that will benefit your community. Regardless, it’s never too early to start talking with a construction partner and conceptualizing your vision.

Exterior of the Broadmoor Golf Club and Arena in Sherwood Park, AB after their commercial renos

Phase 1

The Vision | Learn More

The Vision

You have your idea for a new building or renovation and then what?

  • Meet with us
  • Consult with our finance specialists
  • Walkthrough the client onboarding process
  • Engage with our real estate experts
  • Apply for permits

Phase 2

Planning & Design | Learn More

Planning & Design

The planning phase is a collaborative process between your team and ours. It involves:

  • Consulting our architects & engineers
  • Creating blueprints & schematics
  • Completing & approving 3D-renderings
  • Establishing costs
  • Outlining the project schedule
  • Creating the contractor agreement
  • Planning approvals & milestones
Closeup of a newly installed door in a design build project
Exterior of the Public Works Building in Calmar during the design-build

Phase 3

Start the Build | Learn More

Start the build

We move the project off the planning paper and onto the ground. This phase involves:

  • Breaking ground
  • Communicating regularly for approvals
  • Providing updates at the established milestone points
  • Managing & solving any potential issues

Phase 4

Finalize the build | Learn More

Finalize the build

Project finalization happens as construction comes to a close. At this point, you’ll have a fully realized building or renovation. This phase includes:

  • Project closure
  • Final client walkthroughs
  • Client review
Exterior of the Northern Co-op in St. Alberta, AB after their commercial renovations
Closeup of architectural walls during a commercial renovation

Phase 5

Get Back to Business | Learn More

Get back to business

This phase is all about getting back up and running to business as usual. The focuses in this phase include:

  • Moving in
  • Building commissioning
  • Building systems training (if applicable)
  • Warranty review

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