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Burke Atkinson
Burke AtkinsonOwner of Atkinson Construction

Burke Atkinson is the Owner of Atkinson Construction. He oversees all matters, projects, and growth related to the company to ensure the established standards are achieved and surpassed.

With 15 years experience in the industry, Burke had been working with the family business for 10 years and in 2019 he established Atkinson Construction (ACL) to continue forward.

Having grown up in and around the business, he enrolled at NAIT and in 2010 he completed his Construction Engineering Technology Diploma. He has also obtaining a NCSO, CET and GS.

Matthew Seskus
Matthew SeskusDesign Technologist & Safety Manager

Matthew Seskus is the Design Technologist & Safety Manager. As the Safety Manager, he completes safety inspections and yearly safety audits as well as manages the safety records and statistics.

As the Design Technologist, he also writes up project proposals and makes 3D/2D preliminary drawings on Revit to explain our delivery methods and show clients our visions and what we are capable of.

Matthew was exposed to construction at a young age when his father and grandfather were constantly building things around the farm and the house. He quickly went from building with Lego as a kid to constructing from wood. In high school he entered a three-year construction course which solidified his love for construction. He has been a team member with Atkinson Construction (ACL) Ltd. since the beginning in 2019 and was with the past ACL for 5 years before that.

Matthew was introduced to Atkinson Construction when his childhood friend/college roommates (whose sister is married to Burke Atkinson’s brother), knew about the position and recommended Matthew to Josh Atkinson at the original Atkinson Construction Ltd. When Burke took over, Matt followed him to continue their team efforts. Before that, he had completed the NAIT Construction Engineering Technology Diploma.

For the past 8 years he has had experience on construction sites and from a management level on residential, industrial and commercial projects from design to completion.

Jayden Armstrong
Jayden ArmstrongBusiness Development Manager

Jayden Armstrong oversees Business Development at Atkinson Construction. In his role, he is responsible for matching the services and qualifications of Atkinson Construction with demand in new and existing markets and communicating expectations of our clients to ensure their satisfaction. He joined the Atkinson Team in 2020 and has worked within the industry with a broad range of clients since 2016.

Chase Buote
Chase BuoteSenior Project Manager

Chase Buote joined ACL’s exceptional team in 2021 in the role of Senior Project Manager. As a Senior PM, he is responsible for leading the construction of a project from start to finish, ensuring his team are producing quality results in a safe and timely manner. Through his collaborative, personable, and calm approach, Chase expertly builds projects and fosters relationships.

Chase’s career in general contracting has spanned over 15 years and taken him all across western Canada. He has spent his lifetime in and around construction, starting as a labourer on his father’s constructions sites He has advanced his career by continuing his education not stepping down from a challenge.

Chase has a passion for continuous improvement. He is a registered Construction Engineering Technologist, Project Management Professional, and is working towards his SETP (Sustainable Energy Technologies Professional) accreditation.

Marc Mallet
Marc MalletProject Manager

Marc joined the ACL team in 2022 with decades of experience in estimating and project management in electrical contracting. His experience in design-build projects and approach to managing projects helps ensure that milestones are understood by the team and conflicts are worked through quickly and efficiently. Marc’s experience in the industry began as a kid while helping his parents build homes. When he’s not working, Marc spends his time riding his motorcycle, working on his acreage and with his horses.

Shaun Bernard
Shaun BernardGeneral Superintendent & Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Shaun has been a key team member of ACL for 11 years and has completed several large-scale projects in the public and private sector. He oversees all QA/QC of sites to ensure all projects are delivered safely and at a high level of satisfaction to our clients. He has a background in finish carpentry, framing and went on to become a Red Seal Journeyman carpenter.

Roberto Campaner
Roberto CampanerAccounting Manager

Roberto is the Accounting Manager at Atkinson Construction. He oversees client invoicing, vendor payments, contract compliance, and cash flow analysis.

Roberto graduated from Grant MacEwan with a degree in Bachelor of Commerce where he majored in Accounting, as well, with a minor in International Business whilst working as a sales representative and acting manager on duty at a large telecommunication company. He then transitioned into a role as an Accounting Associate at a public firm where he dealt with clients in a wide variety of industries: sole proprietors; small corporations; and professional corporations.

Then, Roberto accepted a role at a large general contracting company where he excelled as a Project Accountant for almost two years. Roberto oversaw projects all throughout Canada and is excited to apply his knowledge and experiences at Atkinson Construction, ultimately, to have a positive impact in the community.

John Hidalgo
John HidalgoProject Coordinator

John’s interest in the construction industry began when he met a friend while working for a steel fabrication company. Encouraged by his friend’s interest in pursuing the C.E.T. program at NAIT, he decided to follow suit. After graduating from the program, John landed a position at Atkinson and is pleased to be part of the team. His day-to-day responsibilities include handling RFIs, submittals, and meeting minutes for various ongoing projects. As a newcomer to the dynamic of a general contractor, he is eager to learn more. During his free time, John enjoys playing board games with close high school friends once or twice a month and has previously played co-ed volleyball with them for a couple of seasons.

Gerry Descaya
Gerry DescayaEstimator

Growing up in a family-owned construction business, Gerry gained early exposure to concrete blocks, sand, and gravel. With a certificate in AutoCAD drafting, he joined a building envelope company and later worked with pre-engineered steel buildings. After completing the Construction Engineering Technology program at NAIT and earning his C.E.T. designation, he worked on notable projects such as the ICE District Tower E (Stantec Tower) in downtown Edmonton and the Watson Lake Municipal Services Building in Yukon Territory. In his spare time, Gerry enjoys traveling, camping, and exploring nature with his family and dog. With a focus on quality workmanship and dedication to client satisfaction, Gerry is committed to bringing clients’ construction dreams to life.

Andre Worsfold
Andre WorsfoldSuperintendent
Mark Reyes
Mark Reyes Superintendent/ Project Coordinator

Mark joined ACL’s team in the summer of 2021. After graduating highschool,  Mark started off in the industry as a laborer. He then began a carpentry apprenticeship program and received a journeyman red seal certificate in 2014.

Mark’s experience on projects has ranged from residential and commercial wood/steel framing, steel building erecting, metal cladding and concrete forming and placing. As a devoted continuing-learner, mark completed NAIT’s Construction Engineering Technology Program in 2021 and is working towards his CET currently.

Rick Gibert
Rick GibertConcrete Specialist & Equipment Foreman
Darren Fisher
Darren FisherSite Supervisor